Homeowners Insurance

Protect Your Biggest Asset – Your Home

Your home is your castle, and it’s also your biggest investment. And whether you rent or own your home, you need to protect your investment from disasters and damages. As Arizona home insurance brokers, at Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group, we help families make sure they can sleep soundly in the home they love, knowing it’s protected!

Home Insurance For Arizona Homeowners

If something happens to your home, homeowners insurance guarantees compensation for losses to your home as well as your possessions inside. It also protects you if you are found liable for someone else’s injuries on your property. In Arizona, it’s imperative that your home be protected from damages or loss caused by storms (lightning, windstorms, hail), fire, and even theft. Your policy will be tailored to your specific needs to protect your greatest investment.

At Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group, we make the process as simple as possible, and it’s our goal to ensure that every client understands their policy. We can also bundle your homeowners’ insurance policy with your automotive insurance for a more affordable monthly rate. As insurance brokers stationed in Scottsdale, we’ve been helping residents in the greater Phoenix area and across the entire state build custom policies since 2012. We work with each client to provide the best custom protection for the best price within budget. We love this state, and we love the relationships we are humbled to build with our clients by always striving to best understand what matters most to them! Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Arizona Homeowners Insurance FAQs

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers!

  • What does home insurance cover? Home insurance is financial protection for your home and your personal belongings inside your home. Most policies typically cover your actual dwelling, including the structure of your home, other structures on your property, personal belongings on your property, and liability coverage for accidental injury to someone on your property. You can also add in extra coverage for damage caused by earthquakes and floods. When we build you a custom homeowners insurance policy, we will be sure to explain exactly what your policy covers, and we are always here to answer questions if you think you have a claim your homeowners’ insurance policy should cover.
  • Do I need homeowners insurance in Arizona? If you have a mortgage or a loan on your home, then homeowners insurance is absolutely required. If your property is paid in full – you still need homeowners insurance! You need to make sure your investment is protected from the unexpected and that’s what carrying homeowners insurance does.
  • How can I get a discount on homeowners insurance? Talk to one of our agents! We can build you a custom policy and bundle it with your automotive insurance or even other insurance policies you hold with us to get you the best rate. Plus, if you invest in an alarm or security system, we can likely get you a discounted rate on your homeowners’ insurance policy. We love saving our clients money!
  • What kind of liability coverage do I really need? It’s an awful feeling when you are responsible for damage to someone else’s person or property. Liability coverage is standard in your homeowners’ insurance policy, and can protect you in the event of an accident that damages other property (such as if a tree from your property falls on a neighbor’s home), as well as protecting you if someone slips and falls in your home or even if your dog bites someone.
  • What does my homeowners’ insurance policy not cover? Typical home insurance policies do not cover earthquakes, floods, nuclear hazards, neglect or failure to make repairs, contamination, fungi, power failure, damage from animals or pests, and more. For a complete list – talk to your Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group agent to get your questions answered, and remember that additional coverage can always be built into your policy.

Arizona Renters Insurance

If you rent instead of own in Arizona, a renters insurance policy can cover the cost of items that are important to you in the event of loss or damage. Whether it’s electronics, jewelry, furniture, or even clothes, with renters insurance, your items will be protected. It will also provide you with liability insurance for bodily injury claims made by visitors to your rental property. Many landlords require renters insurance to limit their own liability exposure when they have a renter in their property. Let Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group outline your renters’ insurance options – 480-424-4756.

We’ve been protecting Arizona homes, properties, and families for nearly a decade, and have combined experience of over 30 years. We consider ourselves to be Arizona insurance experts. We consider it a great honor to be trusted with the great responsibility of helping Arizonans rest easy in their homes, knowing they are protected. We offer free quotes and consultations and would love to hear from you. Contact us today – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Protect Your Biggest Investment

Whether you own or rent your home, you need to protect your residence against disasters and other losses. Homeowners, renters, and condo insurance are included within the category of home insurance.

Put your trust in Pinnacle Peak Insurance to help you find the right coverage for your unique situation, no matter what type of residence you have! You’ll find that different insurance companies offer a range of prices in home insurance quotes. Our agents will help you compare rates and policy options from the many reputable companies we work with.

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Learn More About Homeowners and Renters Policies

Homeowners policy – This is for people who own their home, whether it is a house or condominium. Homeowner’s policies cover both the outside and the inside of your home, including all the contents you keep inside of it. Most natural disasters are covered as well as theft and vandalism. If you live in an area with a threat of natural disaster that is not covered by your homeowners’ policy, such as earthquakes, you can add extra coverage for that specific purpose.

Renters policy – Although your landlord has their own homeowners policy, you’ll need a renters policy to cover the personal items and contents inside of your rented home, apartment, or room. This type of policy covers break-ins, natural disasters, fires, and other circumstances beyond your control.

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