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No matter what my needs are, car insurance, renters insurance, and life insurance, they have it all at Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group. I have been a client for 4 years now and I love the staff. I was recently switched over to Travelers for my car insurance and renters and it was all taken care of by the agents in the office. They only thing they needed from me was my autograph. You won’t be disappointed with the agency and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

– Jackie G.  |  Yelp review

“Mike is great and very easy to work with. He is responsive and very customer focused. He has access to great companies and great rates which is why I have used him for years now.”

– Paul Dow  |  Facebook review

“I’ve been a client of Pinnacle Peak Insurance for longer than I can remember. I stay because I always get really great service when I call in, and I know that Mike and his team are committed to finding me the best insurance at the best price. They take my needs into consideration when helping me decide what coverage to get and I never feel like I’m being sold something I don’t need. I always recommend them to friends and clients of my own and have only ever heard that they had good experiences with Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group.”

– Jennifer S.  |  Yelp review

“Mike Sullivan takes care of all of my insurance needs, and all of my clients’ needs. He is able to find the best available deal by shopping the rates on your behalf. I highly recommend Mike Sullivan for ALL of your insurance needs. I would not consider anyone else for my insurance because I cannot find anyone else that will get me the best rates with the best coverage like Mike can. Thanks for all you do for me Mike, I appreciate you more than you know.”

– Nicholas McConnell  |  Facebook review

“Picture this, 4 am Monday morning, just got to work, not paying attention, and I lock my keys and purse in the car. So who do I call? Not my dad, not a boyfriend, not AAA, I call Mike! Granted it’s wee hours in the morning so I leave a voicemail and literally within 10 minutes I get a call from one of his associates. Needless to say, help was on the way and fast. I didn’t have to get the run-around from an automated system or deal with super rigorous questions from some out-of-state call center rep, I called Mike and his people took care of it. Been using them for years now and they are literally my go-to for ANY insurance policies I need. I’m someone who is huge on customer service and quality and they are the best!”

– Special V.  |  Yelp review

“I bought a new car recently from a reputable car dealer and was referred to Mike at Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group. I had never heard of Pinnacle Peak before and was really less inclined to find out anything about them. Because I finalized the sale of my new car in the late hours on a Sunday evening, I reached Mike’s voicemail. I didn’t bother leaving a message, I just simply put the effort in companies I was most familiar with, i.e. State Farm, Geico, Farmer’s, Nationwide, and whatever other jingles came to my mind while searching. At any rate, I had gotten plenty of quotes via email, none of which I was impressed with. A few days later, I called this Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group and got the voicemail again. This time I left a message and Mike returned my call expeditiously (now I was impressed)! He was the most pleasant and professional and knowledgeable about the product and services I inquired about. It was really nice to talk to a human being rather than waiting for an emailed response from a robot online! Mike was genuinely sincere (in my opinion) in his assessing my situation, thus being able to get me a SLAM DUNK OF A DEAL. I love the fact that every time I spoke to him and he addressed me by name, I instantly felt like I was talking to a friend! After a few conversations with him and reviewing the policy he drew up for me, I was anxious to call him back with my payment! I am really excited to help grow his business by referring friends and family in the Phoenix area to Pinnacle Peak Insurance Group!”

– Erika LaRae  |  Facebook review