Putting on a new roof can be an expensive undertaking, but can be a significant savings on your homeowners insurance policy!  In Arizona, during our regular monsoon seasons, we can get 4 to 6 inches of rain in less than 30 minutes.  If your roof is in bad need of repair or just downright needs to be replaced, this type of rain can be a disaster, leading to a very expensive claim and months before you are back to normal.  

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Insurance Discounts After a Roof Upgrade

There are a few different discounts offered for roof upgrades.  

  • Impact-resistant roof: This discount is for a roof that protects against lightning and hail (not big in AZ). 
  • Roof age:  This is the most common discount which applies to new roofs. 

These discounts can range from 5% to 35% off your total annual homeowner’s policy.  With the average new roof (2020) in Arizona costing $15,000 and the average homeowner’s insurance policy costing $1283 per year, this can result in a $65 to $450 per year off your homeowner’s policy annually.  The more your annual homeowner’s policy, the more the savings. 

Homeowners insurance may not recoup every dollar spent on the roof upgrade, but the value that comes from reducing the risk of a costly claim is substantial.  The discount and policy savings are an added bonus. 

When is the best time to upgrade your roof?  

The best time is when you are already renovating or building on to your existing home. If you are wanting to make a voluntary roof upgrade, however, check in with your insurance agent first.  There may be certain materials or specific certifications standards to be eligible and not all discounts are offered by every carrier in all states. You will need to submit receipts or proof of purchase to your agent once the roof is completed.  

The best practice is to work with an agent that speaks with you annually to review your policy(s) to make sure that you receive all the discounts and credits you deserve.  If you make any upgrades or renovate your home, please let your agent know, so that your policy protects all those upgrades you have done.  

Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Phoenix

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